Make Dirty Water Clean

Dirty water in glass

Make Dirty Water Clean

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Ever wonder what was really making muddy water so dirty?  Clean water is a precious resource for both humans and animals.  With a couple steps, you can make muddy water cleaner and see what was causing dirt build up.

What you need:

  • Empty 2 liter bottle
  • Bowl or cup
  • Dirty water ( or mud and clean water )
  • Coffee filter/paper towel/muslin

What you do:

  1. Fill the cup with dirty water.
  2. Place the coffee filter in the opening of the 2 liter bottle.
  3. Slowly pour the dirty water through the coffee filter.

Why it works

As the water passes through the coffee filter, small particles are captured and only water is allowed to pass through.  The water becomes cleaner, but depending on the size of the dirt particles, some particles will still pass through and remain in the water.

Want more? Experiment and discover…

Try using a paper towel as the filter instead of the coffee filter.  Is the water cleaner than it was when it was filtered by the coffee filter?

What material allows you to create the cleanest water? Paper towel, napkin, muslin, old t-shirt, or notebook paper?