Winter Break Stay-cation!


Winter Break Stay-cation!

Winter Break Stay-cation! 268 201 admin

Be a tourist in your town! Some of the best times my family have enjoyed have been right in our own town. Behind the scene museum tours, sledding hills we never knew about, small restaurants with world famous breakfasts or ice cream! Even though we have lived in our town for over 20 years, we still find new and interesting things to do within a day’s round trip of home.

The best resource I have found is to type in the name of our town, or the town next door, into TripAdvisor. Next, we do the thing that you would only do if you were a tourist – visit the local history museum, walk in the woods to see that famous tree, or go to the visitor center. It can be surprising how much is in your own backyard.

And it will make a family memory that another round of a video game or tv show can not compete with! For more fun winter break activities for elementary students and kids, like us on Facebook!