Never Say “Good Job” Again!

Never Say “Good Job” Again!

Never Say “Good Job” Again! 200 300 admin

Too much blanket praise, like “Good Job”, may actually backfire and hinder your child’s growth.  By consistently praising small acts on a consistent basis, you may be sending the message that your child needs your approval all the time.  It can also put your child on a pedestal making them are afraid to take risks and earn your disapproval.

The right amount of praise is a difficult balance, as too little praise often ends up making a child feel that they are not good enough or that you do not care.

So what is the solution?  Praise your child with sincere, genuine comments focused on the effort he is making, not the outcome of the effort.  Children who are praised specifically on effort work harder than those praised on the outcome.

Instead of “good job” when the homework is done, try “I saw how hard you worked to finish those tough math problems.  I am impressed with how you stuck with it!”  It is more work for you, but more meaningful to your child.