Students Keep Learning All Year Long

Students Keep Learning All Year Long

Students Keep Learning All Year Long 197 300 admin

Representing a cross section of the larger community, not all students at Abbot Elementary have equal access to summer learning opportunities. Luckily for these students, Principal Pam Sica recognizes the detrimental effect that summer learning loss has on every student and the cumulative effect it has on her most at-risk students.

Abbot Elementary is a school of just under 300 students, with nearly 40% representing an ethnic minority and over 1/3 of students eligible for the free lunch program. A neighborhood school that draws from 1950s era brick ranches as well as low income housing units, Abbot is a close knit community of teachers and parents, according to current parents.

Now finishing their 3rd summer using the ThinkStretch Summer Learning program, students at Abbot earned over 120 gold medals, a 50% increase from the first summer. Everyone at Abbott Elementary had reason to be proud this fall as students, parents and teachers celebrated the completion of over 120 ThinkStretch Summer Learning books.

Just over the course of last summer alone, Abbot students read over 96,000 minutes, completed over 30,000 math facts and wrote in excess of 7,680 journal entries. The stories of their fun with home science activities thrilled the teachers.

“I am so happy we went with this program!” praises Principal Sica.

Abbot elementary now has an established school culture of year round learning. When the school door closes on the academic year, students pick up the challenge and continue their learning through out the summer with the ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program. Teachers welcome students to the new year with achievement medals for the students efforts and new material learn.

Are your students as enthusiastic to return every Fall? If you’re finding yourself spending time re-teaching lessons from the last year as a result of summer learning loss, download a sample ThinkStretch book today. Start planning your school’s summer program now and begin the battle against summer learning loss for your students.