Why Are ThinkStretch Medals Free?

Why Are ThinkStretch Medals Free?

Why Are ThinkStretch Medals Free? 225 179 admin
Our free shipments of medals are our commitment to being focused on the finish line, not the bottom line. 

Because when a student finishes a ThinkStretch summer workbook, they return to school confident and prepared to learn, and that is our mission.  I will not compromise on the high quality of the medal. The loud metallic “clank” when a student bangs the medal on their desk, or the heavy weight in their hand that makes them ask every year, “Is it real gold?”  Because when a student reads a minimum of 800 minutes a summer, answers hundreds of math facts, writes a journal entry every week and tries some hands on STEM experiments, I want to say “thank you for all your efforts” in a meaningful way.

We know purchasing processes can be tedious.

The last thing we want is for students who have persevered over the summer to not receive medals.  Our goal is for you to build a culture of summer skill review that culminates in an appreciation of students for their efforts.  By shipping medals for free, with no invoicing, no shipping charge and no hassle, we assure that nothing stands in the way of any student receiving the recognition that they so richly deserve.

Bronze, Silver and Gold are important distinctions.

We would be failing you if we simply sent all gold medals with your books at the beginning of summer and saved ourselves the hassle and cost of additional shipments in the fall.  Of course we want every student to finish his or her workbook – but for some, that may be a struggle, especially the first summer.  If we only offered gold, there would be no encouragement for the student who started too late to finish, or who simply stopped trying.  By offering gold, silver and bronze, you can reward effort and encourage more achievement the next summer.  We ship 10 gold medals for every bronze or silver medal, but we would never want to stop shipping bronze and silver because we want all kids to be recognized for what they were able to accomplish.