Why Does ThinkStretch Have a Theme Song?

Why Does ThinkStretch Have a Theme Song?

Why Does ThinkStretch Have a Theme Song? 150 150 admin

Kids like to understand why they are required to do something – especially “homework” over the summer.

Rigor and relevance are the adult words to describe meaningful work done with a purpose. ThinkStretch explains the concept of maintaining school year learning over the summer using an animated cartoon in the best tradition of School House Rock. With a theme song, clever and humorous story telling, and a clear message, the ThinkStretch Student DVD entertains, educates, and creates enthusiasm for summer learning for every student.

The ThinkStretch theme song is a great way to catch kids attention.

ThinkStretch is focused on making summer learning attractive to kids.  We want kids to read, write and practice math over the summer.  We want kids to explore and learn while having fun.  And we want kids to understand why it is important to keep learning all summer long.  So we looked at the learning videos, songs and animations that we remembered from our childhood.  The ones we remembered best had a theme song and clear message delivered with humor.  Remember the Bill, sitting there on Capitol Hill?

Music uses different parts of the brain. 

Summer is a unique time for learning in different ways than a structured school day typically allows.  Summer is also a time when critical skills can be lost.  At ThinkStretch, we understand that telling a child that summer learning is good for them is different than singing that message to them accompanied by a mumbling brain.  We are betting that the child will remember the message from the catchy ThinkStretch theme song and the mumbling brain better!

Read, think, laugh, grow!