Gardening in a Glove

Garden in glove

Gardening in a Glove

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Planning to start a garden this year? Why not try your “hand” at starting it off with a garden in a glove! You’ll be able to watch the seeds sprout and then transfer the seedlings into your garden patch. It’s a great way to begin the planting process and explore the life of a plant from its beginning stages.

What you need:

  • Rubber glove (preferably clear or see through)
  • A variety of seeds (lima bean, corn, peas, radish, carrot, etc)
  • Cotton balls
  • Water
  • Permanent marker

What you do:

  1. Select the seeds that you would like to sprout (and eventually plant).
  2. Label each finger of the glove with the name of the seed selected.
  3. Place a few seeds in each finger that corresponds to its label.
  4. Add a cotton ball to each finger opening.
  5. Lay the glove on a flat surface near direct sunlight.
  6. Keep the cotton damp by adding water daily (don’t over water)
  7. The seeds will sprout in about 10 days.
  8. When they have sprouted, plant them in some potting soil and watch your garden grow. Don’t forget to water regularly.

Why does it work?

Using just water and sunlight can allow the seeds to sprout.  This method of growing plants with water is called hydroponics. The moist interior of each glove’s finger helps the seeds to sprout.