Great Kid’s Non-fiction Books

Great Kid’s Non-fiction Books

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Kids love to know “stuff”.  Whether its odd facts about events, or every fact about airplanes, non-fiction books are huge kid favorites.  In our house, the Guinness Book of Records is an all time classic and the source of much amusement and random fact knowledge.  For my nephew, any fact related to dinosaurs is eagerly digested, memorized and cherished.

Real life biographies are another great non-fiction source, with historical figures and popular pop culture figures increasingly popular.

Here are a few great kid’s non-fiction books that we enjoy. 


Guinness Book of World Records

The Way Things Work by David Macauley

The Diary of a Young Girl  by Anne Frank

The Scrambled States of America by Laurie Keller

A Butterfly is Patient  by Diana Hutts Aston

One Tiny Turtle  by Nicola Davies

Discovery Eye Witness Book Series