Soap ‘Splosion!

Soap ‘Splosion!

Soap ‘Splosion! 540 400 admin

Ivory soap becomes a wondrous confection of cloud formations that leads to several different fun kitchen (or bath!) experiments! If you have a microwave at school, or can bring one in, this is a fun way to show students about cloud formations with soap clouds too.

What you need:

Bar of Ivory soap
Microwave proof plate
What you do:

Place Ivory soap on microwave proof plate.
Microwave for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes.
Remove from microwave.
Let cool down.
Now the fun begins! Take the soap cloud into the bath tub, kitchen sink or back yard. The soap is still useful, so crumble it, break it, or make it snow Ivory.

Try microwaving a new bar. Did it turn out the same? If you change the time you microwave the soap for, does it make a difference? If you spritz it with water, can you reshape it into a bar of soap? Once you master the different types of soap cloud formations you can create and how to make them, this is a great way to make clouds for dioramas during the water cycle unit.