ThinkStretch Summer Fun – Week 4 of Summer

Tin can stilts

ThinkStretch Summer Fun – Week 4 of Summer

ThinkStretch Summer Fun – Week 4 of Summer 540 396 admin

The more books your student can log this summer, the readier he will be to return to school. But don’t forget to add new experiences!  Student reading comprehension increases with every new experience they can relate to their reading.

Science Says…

Flowers are what they drink! Find a plain white flower – Queen Annes lace or a daisy from outside or a carnation from a florist. Fill a small vase with water. Add several drops of food color to the water. Cut the stem of the flower and put it in the water. Watch the flower change color over the day. Have fun experimenting with different color flowers.

Stuck Inside?

Lily Pad Hop   Cut shapes out of construction paper. Add numbers, letters or words to the shapes. Toss the shapes onto the floor. Call out the numbers and have kids hope from one to the next. Want to practice a little math? Call out a sum and have the kids jump between the numbers that add up to your sum.


Make Tin Can Stilts!  Find two sturdy cans – paint cans work well. Punch two holes across from each other on the sides of the can, near the top. Thread strong string or rope through the can to form large loops up to just above your child’s waist. Knot securely. Now you are off!

Web Wandering

Bill Nye the Science Guy has lots of “Home Demos” of his popular experiments to try at home. Check out