ThinkStretch Summer Fun – Week 3 of Summer

Child driving car

ThinkStretch Summer Fun – Week 3 of Summer

ThinkStretch Summer Fun – Week 3 of Summer 540 399 admin

Science Says…

Do ants like candy? Ants are attracted to strong, sweet scents. Prove this by setting out a piece of bread, potato and apple out in the yard. Keep an eye on them and see which one attracts the most ants. Were the scientists right?

Read, Read, Read! is a website that gives a book to a child in need every time you read one of their books online. We Give Books is a non-profit venture with Penguin Books and Pearson Publishing. You can read and help a child in need!

Stuck Inside?

Declare a “bored” day! Round up all the board games in your house and host a tournament. Play games the fastest, slowest or most times ever. Award silly prizes for best sportsmanship, most creative dice rolling technique and more.


Let your kids drive home! Well, not really. But let them tell you all the turns to make in a car, on a bike, or on a walk. Start somewhere familiar and see if the kids can find the way home. Really adventurous? Have the kids call out random turns – Left/Right/Right/Left! – and follow those turns to see where you end up!

Is your child recording her reading on the reading log in her workbook? Is your son completing his writing topics? Your expectations make a world of difference in whether or not students complete their summer workbooks.